I <3 Vintage Fashion

Hello, Everyone!

To give you a little insight about myself, I am a huge classic movie fan.  I have a love for classic movies that span from the 1920’s to the 1980s. I actually dreamed to be a cinematographer when I was younger but just didn’t happen. However, I do try to incorporate my passion for movies into my photography with a more cinematic approach. 

Now with that being said, this also brought upon my love for vintage clothes/fashion. I do love fashion from most eras, but my favorite era that inspires me is the 1940s. Thus, making this shoot perfect example of what I genuinely want to capture (fashion wise). 


  • Leica M2 with a 50mm 1.4f Summilux Aspherical (B&W)
  • Pentax 67 with a SMC 105mm 2.4f (Color)


  • Kodak XX shot @320iso
  • Fuji Reala 100 shot @ 100iso

Location: Germantown Nashville, TN


Model: Allison Young (Insta:allisonnlovess)

Why am I starting a blog?

Hello, Everyone !

So I have decided to start up a blog to show the current work am producing and give more detail about the photos am taking. Such as what camera I am using, what film I used, the location I was at, what inspired me to take this photo or set of photos, and give a little backstory of the people in the photos themselves. 

Anyway I thought it would be a nice change for the new year and maybe give you the viewer a peak into my thought process and giving you more then just a photo to look at. 

To start off I would like to talk about the photos I have up in the gallery above. I have not really figured out a fixed layout of how am going display each post. So bear with me. 

Gear: Leica M2 with a 50mm 1.4f Summilux Aspherical

Film: Cinestill 800T

Location: District Lofts 

Inspiration: Honestly really the only thing that inspired me to take these shots was just see how the film handled and looked.  I had really good experience with it and love shooting low light situations with it. I need to do portrait session with a roll in the day time and see how I like it. I really want to try it out on 120 film.  Probably going to buy a roll each of 50D and 800T whenever I start running low on film again. 

Thats all for today and hope to post regularly. Am probably going to post my most recent photoshoot that I did before the new year as my next entry in the next couple of days. That post should be more riveting. 

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